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Chagas and the Kissing Bug
Carlos Chagas left Minas Gerais to become a doctor at Faculdade de Medicina do Rio de Janeiro. Back to his hometown, he was in charge of researching on malaria; however, with a good dose of perspicacity and observation, he revealed all the links of the epidemiologic chain of a disease still unknown. So, Chagas’ disease came into view, in a way never seen before in medicine: nobody had ever described a disease completely, including the host, the vector, the infectious agent, and the epidemiologic cycle. For this reason, Carlos Chagas came to be one of the great names of Brazilian Science. 

This video was produced from a theater play performed during the program “Me at USP Jr.”, a program by the Dean of Cultural and Extramural Activities of USP, that happened on February 2010. The program was developed in the Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto by the House of Science team. 
The video shows a hypothetical dialogue between Chagas and the vector insect and how the sanitary doctor was wise enough to make an important discovery of a terrible thing that affected the people who used to live in cob houses. It also shows a starving kissing bug that accepts all types of blood. Ádamo Siena (Carlos Chagas) and Daniele Viola (Kissing bug), former students of the House of Science, produced the script and staging.


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