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Chagas and the Kissing Bug
Carlos Chagas left Minas Gerais to become a doctor at Faculdade de Medicina do Rio de Janeiro. Back to his hometown, he was in charge of researching on malaria; however, with a good dose of perspicacity and observation, he revealed all the links of the epidemiologic chain of a disease still unknown. So, Chagas’ disease came into view, in a way never seen before in medicine: nobody had ever described a disease completely, including the host, the vector, the infectious agent, and the epidemiologic cycle. For this reason, Carlos Chagas came to be one of the great names of Brazilian Science. 
Elodea: Algae? No! Aquatic plant!
Elodea sounds like a name of a plant never seen before, doesn’t it? But you should know you have already seen it in an aquarium somewhere. 
Human Reproduction

DNA is a long molecule, which stays in the nucleus of the cell where it is “written” all the information needed for the cell to work well. If it is a cardiac cell, DNA will give instructions so it works as a cardiac cell; if it is a brain cell, the instruction is to work as a brain cell. 


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