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Adopt a Scientist
Adopt a Scientist
The Adopt a Scientist program proposes that students from elementary school attend meetings with graduate and postgraduate students. In these meetings, they discuss about specific themes, chosen by the “advisers”.
Who are we? A Big Family
In the vastness of the universe, today we know that only on planet Earth life appeared. About 3.8 billion years ago, our Last Universal Common Ancestor, LUCA, appeared in the oceans. It originated all the groups of living beings through evolution. 
Class integrates concepts of evolution, neuroscience, and animal models
The House of Science launched the sixth year of the Adopt a Scientist program in March 16th, during the Brain Week, that is why this subject was chosen.
Students’ interaction celebrated the beginning of Adopt a Scientist
Crowed lecture hall and students’ debate, plenty of questions and answers, marked the opening activity of the Adopt a Scientist program, which develop the subjects: neuroscience, evolution, and animal models. Three elementary school teachers from Ribeirão Preto, Dumont, and Batatais and 57 students attended the lecture given by Danilo Benette Marques, undergraduate student in Biology of FFCLRP, and Cleiton Lopes Aguiar, Phd in Neurosciences of FMRP. We registered the presence of new students and students that have already participated in the program.
Bioinformatics team delivers the results of the activities

As part of the closure activities of the Adopt a Scientist program, the Biomolecular Computer Science team advised by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Vêncio and Prof. Dr. Fernando Barroso presented their work in December 23, 2010, in the Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto (FFCLRP/USP).



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